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After all, the Bon Tran Methods™ battle-tested program has been helping people get in shape for 5+ years. His approach is so simple (see the 4 steps below), we'll prove it can work for you in only 7 days. For FREE.

Here's How It Works!

  • Step 1: Start Today For Free. It literally takes minutes and costs nothing today. Longer-term plans also available.

  • Step 2: Tell Me Your Goals. I'll show you how to nail them.

  • Step 3: Follow Your Meal Plan. I'll tell you exactly what to eat to lose weight!

  • Step 4: Just Press "Play" for 7 Days - Free. 30 Minutes or less per day! More results in less time. If you don't see results at the end of the 7-days then just hit cancel and you won't be charged a penny.

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Discover What Moves You

We’re making quality fitness affordable and convenient with our ever-growing library of workouts from the best instructor in the fitness industry, Bon Tran!

  • BE STRONG: Breakthrough your Plateau & Discover Never Before Seen Results. This World-Class Coach brings you Fresh Workouts Every Week.

  • BE SMART: Gain Exclusive Access to the Secret Vault of Nutrition, Mindset, and Injury Prevention Training so you can Lose Weight, Gain Muscle, and Brag about your Success in Under 4-Weeks.

  • BE HEALTHY: Losing weight, Gaining Muscle, and Looking Toned Shouldn't be Complicated. The Bon Tran Method™ is battle-tested and has helped hundreds of people. Bon's approach is simple and broken down into 4-Simple Steps.

  • 1-1 Communication

    This program, unlike many other fitness programs... doesn't leave you hanging after you purchase. You'll have access to talk with me one on one via text, call, and zoom so I can keep you accountable with your goals.

  • Quick & Easy Nutrition Plan

    This quick, and easy nutrition plan will keep you eating clean and healthy without spending hundreds of dollars and hours shopping. You'll see that unwanted fat melt off your body in no time.

  • Exclusive High Performance Community

    A huge reason why people stay stuck is that they don't have the support system to keep them motivated and on track. This private community has bonus training, weekly live calls, and a committed team guaranteeing your success!

Proof Our Program Works

"I’ve had to eliminate “try” from my vocabulary. Pre-Bon Tran, I was always “trying” to get into shape, “trying” to lose weight, “trying” to feel good about myself. Since I’ve been training with Bon I have switched my attempts to action. Today I don’t “try”….. Today I just Do It!"

- Melissa

“I started training with Bon after feeling unmotivated and finding it difficult to get back into being active and eating clean.  Bon was exactly what I needed to kick start my lifestyle change and start being accountable on a daily basis.  Even when I was not in the gym with Bon, he was always in touch and making sure that I was staying on track."

- Vanessa 

"40lb loss in 4 months"

- Chris 

"My wife and I’ve been training with Bon for about 6 months now, and this is the fittest I’ve been since high school. I am able to fit into some of my old formal clothing which I haven't been able to wear for a couple of years now."

- Kowri

Most Popular Questions

  • Can I cancel any time?

    Yes, the program is a month to month. However, if you do wish to commit to the entire year of weight loss and your fitness goals you will receive a discount.

  • Will this program work for mothers with little time?

    Absolutely, this program is designed for people who are busy. Each video is around 30 minutes.

  • Will this program work for fathers with little time?

    100%, this program is designed for people who are busy. Each video is around 30 minutes.

  • Is this website secure for my credit card info?

    Yes. We follow industry best practices for the security of our platform and our security team monitors the health and security of the platform 24/7. In other words, you and your information are safe!!!

  • What type of results will I get in 7-days?

    We guarantee that you'll find clarity within the first 7-days. Meaning, you will have an exact path, step-by-step, on how to reach your fitness and health goal. The weight loss is up to you, but I'll be right beside you the entire time.

  • When can I expect results

    The results will vary. Some people come into the series and lose 40lbs in a month, others purchase a month to month and do nothing with it. If you stick with the schedule, follow the proven path, you will see results.

Bon Tran KNOWS how to get you results...

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